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Pollachi Coconut Producer Company Limited is to protect the long term interest of pollachi coconut growers all over the pollachi area. Pollachi Coconut Producer company with the twin objectives of promoting coconut production and processing coconut as per international standards. Pollachi Coconut Producer Company LTD., is owned by farmers and it works in tandem with them to produce and market the value added products from coconuts. Our goal is to ensure a just and fair value for the farmers’ produce at par with the international markets and standards. The company procures, processes, benchmarks and markets the farmer’ produce and generates profits that are distributed to share holders as handsome dividends.a new venture, promoted by Coconut Development Board of India.

Today Pollachi Coconut Producers Company Ltd is recognized as one of the most reliable suppliers of Organic Coconuts Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Desiccated Powder, Coconut Flavoured Milk, Coconut Jaggery and Coconut Sugar in the market, thanks to the technical know-how, quality of products, commercial expertise and knowledge of global markets.

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